Jon Armstrong Penguin Live Online Lecture 3 – Digital Download

What will he teach?

The Online Space- This is a new venue with new rules, and I’m excited to give you a crash course on what it takes to bring your magic online so you can continue to engage your audiences with high impact magic.
I will be focusing on performing magic through video chat apps, but much of what we will discuss applies to your in person shows as well. We’ll cover theory, tricks, scripting, presentation, technology and so much more. After building my own show to rave reviews, I’m ready to share with you the secrets to my success

Maddie’s Trick- The entire audience is asked to think of a letter of the alphabet. One audience member reveals their letter, and you open a lunch pail to reveal dozens of playing cards in a variation of the old 52 in one gag. You dump the cards out of the pail, plucking one out of the air. When this card is unfolded it is revealed to have the same letter that the audience member chose. The best part is there is minimal sleight of hand and your audience genuinely has a free choice of any letter of the alphabet. Not only is this a real worker, but it will introduce you to some important new ways of thinking about stage craft in the online environment.

Step Master- This is a way to make the “which hand” game play from thousands of miles away. Two boxes are introduced along with a set of written instructions. The audience member chooses a box, and you follow the instructions of the game exactly as they are written. Inside the box that the spectator chose is a dollar. Inside the other box is hundreds of dollars that you get to keep. This effect is not only strong, but also easily lends itself to a variety of presentations to fit your show.

Silver Quick-A penetration effect for the online space. A coin penetrates through a sealed plastic bag, even after both have been proved to be solid.

Game Master-This routine is perfect for a group of people in the same room, even if they are thousands of miles away. A fun way to entertain and bring cohesion to your whole online audience.

Online Card Force Bootcamp- Get rid of complicated dealing procedures, messy mathematics, and card forcing methods that aren’t organic. I’m going to take you through the important nuances of peeking and forcing cards in your spectators hands over zoom, skype, discord, or any platform you choose. Many of these methods translate to the real world, and will make your card reveals that much more powerful.

Tech Section- I’m going to give you the basic rundown of how I set up my in-home studio that looks professional, but packs down into a small cabinet. We’ll cover how I was able to quickly and affordably set up a multicamera setup, with lights, audio, and even some fancy graphics to add production value to my online shows.


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