Intrickation by Dr.Cyril Thomas & Justine Cesari

“INTRICKATION is a wonderful project that comes with many effects and variations. This is a must have for all Rubber band workers.” – Joe Rindfleisch

“Cyril does it again, Simple + Visual = AMAZING!!” – Dan Hauss


“Cool, clean and clever!” – Bacon Fire

Intrickation is the most visual and practical rubber band penetration ever invented.

In this download, you will learn how to make a regular rubber band visually go through infinite of objects (finger, CD, bottle…), even when they are hold by the spectator. You will also learn how to unwrap in a blink of an eye a rubber band that trap your (or spectator’s) finger.

Intrickation is 100% impromptu (no gimmick involved) and the method is so clever and easy to learn that you will be abble to perform it straight after watching the tutorial.

In this new course, the Doctor will teach you in details the nuts and bolts of this reputation maker.

Trust me, when your rubber band will penetrate their finger or the object they are holding, your spectators will physically feel it and never forget it.

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