In The Shadow Of The Coin Masters by Michael Boden – Free Download

In The Shadow of The Coin Masters by Michael Boden A two coin (4 phase) routine that will make you look like a coin master,as the coins travel from hand to hand just like magic.

In The Shadow of The Coin Masters is now ready for sharing with the magic community, as Michael Boden’s way of giving back to the art and to the influential couple that first shared their magic with him on “The Magic Land of Alakazam”: Mark and Nani Wilson.

In The Shadow of The Coin Masters is a four phase coin routine that is easy to carry around in your pocket, when you feel the need to impress someone.

Two coins are removed from your pocket and after placing one coin in each hand, the coin in the left hand magically travels back to join the coin in the right hand.

The coins are separated again (one in each hand) but this time the left hand coin visibly appears back into the right hand.

One of the coins is now placed into your pants pocket (clearly leaving you with only one coin) in your right hand, however the coin in your pocket is invisibly removed and it visibly makes it’s appearance once again to join the coin in your right hand.

To end the routine, both coins are now rubbed on the outside of your pants pocket and one of the coins penetrates through the material and is found inside.

In The Shadow of The Coin Masters uses no shells or special cut coins of any type. Use your own halves/silver dollars or English pennies.

You could easily make the gimmick.

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