HONEY JASMIT – Beyond senses

HONEY JASMIT – Beyond senses

Did you always wanted to perform a mindblowing card trick , any where, any time, and with any borrowed deck ? Then your search ends here.

An amazing mentalism effect, from the creator of ” HONEY HULD “.

Imagine :-

You ask spectator for a deck of cards. He shows his deck. You tell him to shuffle the deck as much as he likes. Without looking at the cards, you take the deck and ask spectator to choose a card. ( No force ) He chooses a random card and that card is well mixed with other cards. Without the help of any key card, you can successfully reveal the identity of his card.

1. Any where, Any time, Any deck.

2. No key card needed.

3. No force.

4. Use borrowed deck.

5. No sleight of hands.

6. No gimmicks.

What you are learning is a very old almost forgotten technique used by gamblers and mentalist for years.

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