Happy Travels by Rick Lax – Free Download

Really easy to do, really hard to figure out. You’ll be fooling people with Happy Travels in no time. The plot is simple…but the method is diabolical.

Here’s how it looks: You remove the deck from the box and show that every card is different. Then you return half the deck to the box.

You turn around and tell your spectator to shuffle the remaining 26 cards and then pick one.

“I want you to put your card back in the pack,” you say, “but not the pack it came from; put it in the middle of the cards in the card box.”

After that’s done, you turn back around.

The box goes in your right pocket and the leftover cards go in your left. A couple seconds later…you not only reveal the spectator’s card by name, you show that IT’S JUMPED FROM POCKET TO POCKET, from the boxed packet to the unboxed packet. You pull out the unboxed stack and spread the cards to prove it.

Thanks to Justin Flom and Jon Armstrong. Credits to Flom, Annemann, and Tannen’s.

WARNING: Justin Flom loves this trick and he’s going to be lecturing on it soon. So if you want to perform it before anyone else, get the download and see what all the fuss is about.

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