Flopper Change by Manu Llari

Flopper Change by Manu Llari

Hi! This is Flopper change, it’s a super visual color change.
It’s very,very easy to do, no need gimmicks and you finish completly clean.
You can learn two diferents applications with only one move.
Has it angles?
The applications are designed to cover these angles perfectly. Of I begin, have realized personally this change of color ahead live spectators.

My name is Manu Llari and this is The Flopper Change.

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  1. I want to protect some of the original writing on my website & was wondering how to do this…. a)Can I put the Copyright notation on it without revealing my real name? . b)How do I have proof that it is my original work? How about saving the writing in MS Word?. c)Is there any point in copyrighting the articles/website?.

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