EVOLVE by Nicholas Lawrence

EVOLVE by Nicholas Lawrence – Free Download

EVOLVE is a brand new visual morphing concept that can be applied to any small object including cards, receipts and bills. The object can be unfolded and handed straight out!

A folded card can be dropped from hand to hand (as on the front cover) and as it drops the colour visually morphs from red to blue. It can then be handed straight out for examination. This effect can also be used with bills, receipts, cards and many more similar styled objects.

EVOLVE has many startling applications including changing an object as they are slid across a table or with a simple snap of the fingers! Once again it can be unfolded and handed straight out for examination!

Your object can be set ready to go. No need to hold onto it like in inferrer methods.

No elastic thread to break.

Visually stunning!

Did we mention that it can be handed straight out for examination?

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