connected by mark james

connected by mark james

In this more than 1-hour download filmed during the “Connected: Live 2021” virtual magic convention, you will step directly into the world of international performer, and regular headliner at the Magic Castle, Chicago Magic Lounge, and House of Cards, Mark James.

The first half features an exclusive live performance of Mark’s acclaimed virtual magic show “Virtually Impossible,” a delightfully fun show that breaks all misconceptions about virtual magic and proves that stand-up magic and the classics of magic can be successfully performed online. Watching Mark work is a masterclass in the importance of scripting and using music and other set

elements to add extra layers to the experience of your show.

Mark’s energy is infectious and, after his show is over, he sits down with host Matt Szat to discuss how he combined his in-person routines with new ideas to create a successful virtual magic show. He also discussed the importance of using your personality to engage your audience instead of relying on “interactive” tricks”, shared insights on routine construction, answered questions from the audience, and even taught his unique handlings of the “Six Card Repeat” and “Silk to Egg.”

Runtime: 1hr 10mins

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