Chaos Project Chapter 10 By Dani DaOrtiz(Thought_of_Card_Location)

Chapter Ten of The Chaos Project is an amazing thought of card location. This looks like pure magic. The material taught in this routine will give you an incredible amount of control over the apparently random decisions of your audience. Welcome to The Chaos Project with Dani DaOrtiz.

The What:
This unbelievable thought of card revelation makes your audience feel like they have control. The magician shuffles the deck and then has audience members grab handfuls of cards from the deck and shuffle these packets. The deck is reassembled, and a spectator thinks of any card from the packet they are holding. Audience members take turns removing cards from the deck, with the person thinking of a card checking each packet and confirming that their card is not among them. This continues until there is only one card left. The person thinking of their card gets to make the final choice of what the last card is. This person then names their card, and impossibly when the only remaining card is turned over, it is exactly the one they are merely thinking of.

The How:
As soon as you have seen the trick, Dani immediately teaches you the core mechanics of the trick so you can start practicing. To simply tell you that this is a force is to tell you that a rainbow is just made of a bit of water. This four-step force is a master class of using chaos to control your audience while giving them the illusion of free will. Before you learn the intimate details of this incredible effect, Dani gives you a masterclass on how to control the choices of ordinary people.

The Why:
In The Why, Dani shares with you the true secrets of chaos. Not only do you get an in-depth tutorial on the effect, but you also get the details on the theories that Dani uses to make this trick really sing. Dani takes you through the philosophy and thought process that has made him an award-winning magical theoretician. Dani walks you through the intricate details of timing and makes your audience feel as though your carefully choreographed actions are spur of the moment. In addition to the original version of the effect that uses an easily accessible gimmick, Dani shares with you an incredible version that uses no gimmicks at all.

The Chaos Project is a year-long course in learning some of the most devious methods and principles that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so deceptive. The tenth lesson teaches you how to make a force not only fly under the radar, but feel like every idea and choice was that of your audience. Embrace the chaos with Dani DaOrtiz in Chapter 9 of The Chaos Project.

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