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2021 Mark Calabrese – The Final Boss – Free Download

Mark Calabrese - The Final Boss Mark Calabrese develops effects that baffle an audience and then hit them like a blue turtle shell. Imagine being able to openly predict a card an audience member will choose after the cards have been mixed and flipped like a coin. If your audience’s brain is running through your tricks like Mario, then the trick you need to fool them badly is Mark Calabrese’ The Final Boss.

Directly At Your Number by Joseph B – Free Download

As you can see from the performance, this is a very straightforward card at number prediction. The spectator cuts a totally random number of cards from the deck and the magician shows a prediction. In the end, the predicted card is exactly at the spectator's number! This is a perfect effect for anyone who wants a quick and powerful trick! Can be done with a borrowed deck of cards! It is almost impromptu!

2021 Pocket Seance by Jamie Daws – Free Download

- POCKET SEANCE - ​An impromptu seance routine using props you'll find virtually anywhere! ‘Pocket Seance’ is a eerie bizarre piece designed to be performed at the drop of a hat using nothing but items you will find around you. Displaying three small pieces of folded paper, a pencil and a wine glass, you explain that you and spectators are going to summon the spirit of someone past. You ask them, if they were to sit down to dinner with a deceased celebrity, who would it be?