Category prophecy

ON TIME by Juan Pablo

ON TIME by Juan Pablo Juan Pablo's new take on the hour prediction. You have an image of a handless clock and ask someone form the audience to randomly choose an hour and minutes. You draw the hands with a marker on the clock, and immediately reveal that your prediction matches their selections!

Smart Cubes by Taiwan Ben

Smart Cubes by Taiwan Ben You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the second column of cubes exactly the opposite. You cover one of the columns and instantly the cubes match the other column. The audience can see both columns of cubes in exactly the same number sequence.

Pop Up Project by Guilherme Almeida & Patricio Teran

Pop Up Project by Guilherme Almeida & Patricio Teran When it comes to an effect in which a drawing or a photo is transformed into a real object, we thought that we had seen it all, until the Pop Up Project showed a revolutionary way of realizing this effect Imagine... The magician shows a bag with some papers and in each one is written a different word.

Kirigami by Max Maven

Kirigami by Max Maven In a time where expensive gimmicks and fancy electronics rule the world of mentalism, Max Maven brings us a devastating miracle using the most simple props. With just a piece of paper, something to write with, and a pair of scissors, Kirigami delivers one of the most deceptive mind-reading principles we have ever seen.