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Dan and Dave Alex Pandrea – Monet – Free Download

Dan and Dave Alex Pandrea - Monet Monet is a new take on the classic Paint Brush Change by Roy Walton that allows for multiple color changes of a single playing card. On this tutorial Alex Pandrea teaches you the method in detail along with several neat applications.

The Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea the blue Crown – Free Download

The Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea the blue Crown Alex Pandrea - The Brick Pass The Brick Pass is Alex Pandrea’s refined interpretation of the classic pass, one of the most highly regarded utility moves in the world of close-up magic. In this instant video download, Alex spendsover 30 minutesteaching the subtleties and nuances that will make your pass silent, invisible, and flawless.

Al Schneider – The Al Schneider Technique 1-4 – Free Download

More than just a collection of tricks, the material demonstrated and taught in the second volume of Al Schneider's landmark video series could easily form the backbone of an entire close-up act! Master any of these magical showpieces and you'll quickly earn a reputation for performing professional-caliber magic like one would expect to see in Las Vegas. This is truly powerful material!