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The Vault – Fusion Coins by Alex Soza

Vortex Magic presents FUSION COINS by Alex Soza Alex Soza is quickly becoming an underground sensation with his innovative and practical coin magic. In this download you will learn some of his favorite routines:

Coinnect by Seth Race

"Seth has created a great visual quickie that you can do with a borrowed quarter. Fun magic with borrowed objects. Doesn’t get better than that!" - Nathan Kranzo "Combine a believable plot and Seth's creative methodology and you get Coinnect." - Tim Trono

Treasure by Pen & MS Magic

From the genius mind of Pen. Treasure is a coin dropper allowing you to produce coins at your fingertips like magic. The magician displays an empty hand and with a swing of the arm, a coin is produced. You can produce 5 coins with the small version, and up to 10 coins with the large one.

Leprechaun Sucker Cup by Chazpro

Chuck Leach of Chazpro made a related set of coin cups around 1995. I found them advertised in the July 1995 issue of Genii Magazine, which headlined: "Introducing Chuck Leach's Leprechaun Cups". The Leprechaun Cups and came in a three different varieties.

The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi

Matthieu Hamaissi is a coin-magic genius who crafts every element of his routines, from premise to performance, with architectural precision. His magic is pure, highly visual, and avoids complicated sleights.