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Mirage Coin Set Extreme Edition by Craig Petty

Craig Petty has been performing coin magic for a long time. Anyone that has seen his recent DVD releases Flipped Out and Attack of the Bag will know that his magic is clear, direct, commercial and above all strong. After years of holding back he is finally releasing Mirage.

Black Ops Watch by James Keatley

Black Ops Watch allows you do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight-of-hand. Before they even know the coin has vanished - it's hidden in stealth mode...INSIDE your watch.

Approaching Coin Magic Vol 1 by Pipo Villanueva

Approaching Coin Magic is a project that aims to fill a gap in coin magic learning. With all the reason in the world coin magic has earned a reputation of being unfriendly to start with. As a matter of fact, it is a nonstarter for many, even skilled full cardicians. Make no mistake both card magic

Quarterly Report by Rick Lax

IT IS A DEMONSTRATION OF THE POWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE. At least, that’s how it SEEMS… This is Quarterly Report, a new routine by Rick Lax. It isn’t meant to FOOL spectators;

ButterFingers by CoinLudens

butterfingers-noun : a person who regularly drops or fails to keep hold of things. The title is based on the fact how the tricks are super difficult to master where there are high chances of dropping your props multiple times during your practice.

Lucid Coin by Marc Oberon

"Easy to learn, super visual, a perfect wow!" - David Stone "A beautiful visual effect! I loved the ending to his Miser's Dream routine. Another example of Marc's great thinking." - Ed Hilsum

HCC Coin Set by N2G

Put two coins in your hand and take out one at a time, but there are always two coins in your hand. Then they disappeared and are found in your pocket or purse. This is hopping half, a classic coin magic routine.