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An Extension of Me 1-3 by Eric Jones – Free Download

Eric Jones is THE real deal!" This is what top magicians from all around the world are saying after seeing Eric Jones perform his stunning close up magic. Eric has long been known to the magic underground, but now he is catching on like a wild fire. Eric is smooth as silk and his magic truly looks like magic... slow, beautiful, stunning. For years, Eric has closely guarded his material and refrained from making DVDs or sharing his work in detail.

The Invisible Hand 1-3 by Michel Michel – Free Download

 The Invisible Hand 1-3 by Michel The set contains the device, accessories kit, and a 3 DVD set by Vernet Magic and Michel describing the use of the item. The accessories kit includes various gimmicks needed to perform the tricks involving the invisible hand. Some of the routine possibilities can be seen online at the Vernet Magic website.

2021 Pocket Seance by Jamie Daws – Free Download

- POCKET SEANCE - ​An impromptu seance routine using props you'll find virtually anywhere! ‘Pocket Seance’ is a eerie bizarre piece designed to be performed at the drop of a hat using nothing but items you will find around you. Displaying three small pieces of folded paper, a pencil and a wine glass, you explain that you and spectators are going to summon the spirit of someone past. You ask them, if they were to sit down to dinner with a deceased celebrity, who would it be?