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Fair Trade by Smagic Productions

Fair Trade by Smagic Productions From the mind of Ninh, Smagic presents to you FAIR TRADE A beautiful and amazingly visual transplant, transposition, teleportation effect that happens in the spectator's hand.

Narcissus by Chris Philpott

Narcissus by Chris Philpott "It's friggin' brilliant! Particularly Unhypnotized - wow! I mean, that is what the mystery arts should be about. Narcissus brings the 100th Monkey principle into a whole new and incredibly useful realm. It includes some serious powerhouses, from the expletive-inducing to the quietly moving, possibly even transformative. Come for the wicked cool principle, stay for the powerful ways you can use this to affect your audience." - Joshua Quinn

Cashless by Jordan Gomez

Cashless by Jordan Gomez Transform a borrowed bill into a real bank card. Jordan GOMEZ shows the process of making eight CASHLESS gimmicks in an efficient way using a special material that cost less than $23.

Hardcore by Jay Sankey

Hardcore by Jay Sankey LEARN 11 EXPLOSIVE NEW EFFECTS FROM ONE OF MAGIC'S MOST CREATIVE MINDS! CLIMBER Jay's 'Climber' effect is a perfect example of a truly original effect AND a truly original method. Dip a drinking straw into a can of soda. Press the tip of your finger over the top end of the straw to trap a few drops of soda at the bottom. Then watch people freak out as you cause the trapped soda to slowly RISE UP THE STRAW.

An Extension of Me 1-3 by Eric Jones – Free Download

Eric Jones is THE real deal!" This is what top magicians from all around the world are saying after seeing Eric Jones perform his stunning close up magic. Eric has long been known to the magic underground, but now he is catching on like a wild fire. Eric is smooth as silk and his magic truly looks like magic... slow, beautiful, stunning. For years, Eric has closely guarded his material and refrained from making DVDs or sharing his work in detail.