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Transparency by Boris Wild

Transparency by Boris Wild Everything you ever wanted to know about the marked deck but were afraid to ask! Just think of the power you would have if you could find any face-down card in a shuffled deck in three or four seconds. What would you do? Yes, miracles! All of the most amazing effects that Boris Wild has ever created with his marked deck are now gathered in this unique book, a true "bible" on the subject!

Error 404 by Les French Twins

Error 404 by Les French Twins The French TWINS ARE BACK!!!! The French TWINS are known for creating powerful and innovative magic tricks! Visually transform, one by one, 4 torn pieces into the chosen card -- and then restore it in the spectator's hand! Have this superhero power in your pocket ready to perform ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Unbroken by Cody Nottingham

Unbroken by Cody Nottingham This fooled me so bad when I first saw it! Unavailable until now, this miracle has been locked in a vault for 2 years due to an agreement with a well-known magician who wanted it for his own personal repertoire. One of the perks of being a wealthy illusionist, I guess. Once you see the effect, you'll understand why he got so greedy.

Parallels by Think Nguyen & Alakazam

Parallels by Think Nguyen & Alakazam "Think Nguyen has some of the coolest card magic I've ever seen!" - DYNAMO Think is a professional close up magician from Belgium, who specializes in card magic. Humble and quite reserved, he has only shared his magic with a select few people until now.

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1 Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1: Lie Detector In the first lesson of the Semi-Automatic Weapons Project Dani starts off with an incredible effect that turns you into a human lie-detector. The deck is offered to a spectator to hold. The magician turns away and has another spectator cover their eyes. While their eyes are covered the spectator shuffles the deck. They are then instructed to deal the cards one at a time face up onto the table and say the identity of the cards out loud.