Stealth Aces by John Carey

Stealth Aces is John Carey’s favorite four ace trick, and it’s soon to be yours!

Imagine this: you’re sat at the card table with three friends, you deal everyone a hand, openly showing the fronts and backs of every card.

You cleanly place a single ace on top of each player’s pile and without any moves (except for perhaps a playful snap of the fingers) the four aces instantly transport themselves to your pile!

This is a classic effect in magic that has been twisted on it’s head with a fantastic new method from the card maestro himself; John Carey.

You’ll learn the secret in minutes, you’ll be blowing minds with it that very night and your legend will outlive you as that guy (or girl) who could create incredible moments of magic with a borrowed deck of cards at a moment’s notice.

Download it instantly, you’re gonna love this one!

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