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The Identity Deck by Phill Smith

Introducing the incredible Identity Deck from Phill Smith. Each playing card in the deck has on its face a different personality archetype, a different iconic image, and a different background. The deck is rich with meaning, and perfect for combining visual magic with quick punchy personality readings.

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic SO WHAT IS SLOB? Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave! A spectator deals through the deck face up, stopping on a card he feels good about. This card is instantly shown to be of a different color back from the rest of the deck. He can even take the card away as a souvenir if he wishes!

21 By Brian Kennedy

21 By Brian Kennedy Welcome to 21. This is my take on the classic Blackjack demonstration. So what makes this different to others. Here are some points to consider, • completely hands off • can be done with a borrowed deck • self working • no gimmicks • spectator makes all the free choices

Destiny Deck by David Gonzalez

Destiny Deck by David Gonzalez "This deck has to be in the repertoire of any magician who wants to achieve a real impossibility!" Dani DaOrtiz "David’s idea is amazing. With deep love and effort he managed to maximize the possibilities of this deck and developed many strong effects for it!" Juan Tamariz

UNLOAD 2.0 RED by Anthony Stan

UNLOAD 2.0 RED by Anthony Stan Discover a tool that you can use every day to realize a lot of different effects! For example, imagine a freely selected card by the spectator. The card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck. The entire deck is put in the card case. And now, you are able to make all the cards vanish except the selected and signed card. The spectator can open the box and see only one card, his signed card!