Warped In Space by Quentin Reynolds

A signed Impossible Object that is left with the spectator. This is a real signature piece.

Turn a playing card – that the spectator folded and signed by himself – into an impossible object while performing Card Warp. Finish your Card Warp with Warped in Space or perform it on its own. 

Set contains necessary gimmicks for 20 performances, including plastic card sleeves for giving away an impossible souvenir at the end. 

The gimmicks are on Phoenix Deck stock, so if you want to perform the full two phase routine (including Roy Walton’s utterly unsurpassed Card Warp), then you’ll need a matching deck of Phoenix Cards – but they are available at all good magic shops, and Amazon and ebay!

Includes English Online Video Instructions, with English, German, French and Japanese subtitles.

Quentin Reynolds teaches a gimmicked and non-gimmicked version. (Only the gimmicked version is examinable… but it’s always good to have the option to bust out an ungimmicked brain fryer!)

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