Broadside Glimpse by Jack Tighe

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Jack Tighe’s Broadside Glimpse is a LIGHTNING fast peek that happens right under the spectator’s nose! It’s really easy to execute, requires a fraction of second to work and appears utterly impossible from your audience’s perspective. 

  • Works with any deck
  • No gimmicks, gaffs, sticky tape or ninjas
  • Not hard to do
  • Looks ridiculously fair
  • You ALWAYS know which card they selected.

AND BONUS FREE GIFT – Buy ‘BROADSIDE GLIMPSE’ and get Jack’s ‘SEVERAL SECOND WONDER’ routine for FREE! (RRP £4.99). This sleek effect let’s you find four Aces in a shuffled deck with an ingenious method that simplifies the handling for this plot brilliantly

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