Spaghetti Al Dente by Chad Long

Spaghetti Al Dente by Chad Long In addition to being a creative powerhouse, Chad Long is one of the busiest working magicians on the planet. And he's been performing Al Dente in front of real audiences for over 10 years. It's one of his signature effects, and it leaves lasting memories wherever he goes. Easy to learn, unforgettable and surreal.

Daryl’s Rope Routine by Daryl

Daryl's Rope Routine by Daryl “In my opinion, Daryl is one of the smoothest and (most) entertaining close-up performers I have ever witnessed.” –Dai Vernon “Daryl is truly entertaining, highly skilled, and too smart for his own damn good.” –Phil Goldstein

The Magic Wand by Luke Jermay

The Magic Wand by Luke Jermay Magic Wand Instant Download in PDF format, 10,105 words. Bonus routine 'Taste' PDF Format and Video Download (1 hour 30 minutes). Full performance rights, in all performance settings are included with purchase.