The Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea the blue Crown – Free Download

The Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea the blue Crown Alex Pandrea - The Brick Pass The Brick Pass is Alex Pandrea’s refined interpretation of the classic pass, one of the most highly regarded utility moves in the world of close-up magic. In this instant video download, Alex spendsover 30 minutesteaching the subtleties and nuances that will make your pass silent, invisible, and flawless.

Andy Nyman-Get Nyman – Free Download

This incredible full color 3-disc set gives you a chance to enjoy the performance and thinking of one of Britain's most sought after mentalists and a creative force behind Derren Brown Mind Control. Here Andy Nyman performs and teaches some of his most exciting routines.

Al Schneider – The Al Schneider Technique 1-4 – Free Download

More than just a collection of tricks, the material demonstrated and taught in the second volume of Al Schneider's landmark video series could easily form the backbone of an entire close-up act! Master any of these magical showpieces and you'll quickly earn a reputation for performing professional-caliber magic like one would expect to see in Las Vegas. This is truly powerful material!

The Invisible Hand 1-3 by Michel Michel – Free Download

 The Invisible Hand 1-3 by Michel The set contains the device, accessories kit, and a 3 DVD set by Vernet Magic and Michel describing the use of the item. The accessories kit includes various gimmicks needed to perform the tricks involving the invisible hand. Some of the routine possibilities can be seen online at the Vernet Magic website.