Astor Mental by Astor

Astor Mental by Astor For this trick the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E. S. P. cards with blue back and five E. S. P. cards with red back. Every blue backed card has its matching red backed card. You will have the same E. S. P. symbols on the faces of these cards. The magician slips the blue cards into their slots on the board in an order only he knows. The spectator chooses one by one, in which matching slot the red cards should go,

Upgrade by Danny Weiser

Upgrade by Danny Weiser A super visual card appearance at the spectator's fingertips Comes with handmade bicycle gimmick UPGRADE - this incredible gimmick allows you to change an indifferent card into a signed selection AT THE SPECTATOR'S FINGERTIPS & IN FULL VIEW!

Jermay’s Mind by Luke Jermay 1-4

Jermay's Mind by Luke Jermay Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era. He is a virtuoso, and he conveys the illusion of real mindreading better than anyone. When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected it all in one comprehensive, all-encompassing DVD experience...until now.

Breezy Project by Jibrizy

Breezy Project by Jibrizy This Is magic I have came up with over the years. And very hard hitting magic. Trick effects: Chap Wrap: You show a chapstick fully. Place it into a spectators hand.closed. You then shoot a rubber band into their hand and it vanishes. The spectator open there hand and the rubber band is wrapped around the chapstick.

Ant Card by Sultan Orazaly

Ant Card by Sultan Orazaly Make a mini sized playing card instantly change into a regular sized one! No flaps or creases on the card that changes. A great way to show perspective illusion both live and in your Zoom shows!

Quantum Bender 3.0 by John T. Sheets

Quantum Bender 3.0 by John T. Sheets EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY!! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…. -Now presenting the BEST in the Quantum Bender series…. The all new “Quantum Bender 3.0” (Powder Coat Edition). The most amazing and deceptive metal bending device in the world!