Slice by Pierric

“I’ve fooled a lot of great sleight-of-hand card magicians with this trick.” –Pierric, FISM Grand Prix Champion Magician

The 2015 FISM Grand Prix Champion Magician, “Pierric” has been performing magic at the VERY highest levels. Today, he’s finally teaching his reputation-making card routine SLICE. Perfected over years of live performances, he’s kept it secret as his “magician-fooler.”

Is it a stunt? Is it a skill? Or is it pure magic? No matter how you slice it, FISM winner Pierric’s SLICE is a reputation making effect.

Slice is a card effect that will play for virtually any size audience and the method is completely fool-proof. A card is lost in the deck and like an expert marksman you throw a card and penetrate the deck at the exact position of their selected card.

No card throwing skills needed
No difficult moves
The method makes this incredible looking effect extremely easy.

This is a stunning effect that is an audience favorite taught by a pro who knows how to entertain an audience.

NOTE: This product requires something that most magicians already own. Something which costs less than $6.00 in the off-chance you don’t own it.

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