2021 Yu Huihang – Reverse Matrix – Free Download

Singaporean Magician Yu Huihang puts his signature creative spin on a classic of coin magic with “Reverse Matrix”.

This very appropriately named effect flips the beloved coin matrix on its head by performing it in reverse. Four coins are openly shown in one corner before instantly traveling under each separate playing card with just a snap of the fingers.

While Yu Huihang is not the first magician to perform this style of coin matrix, “Reverse Matrix” allows you to show remove all four cards and reveal all four coins at once at the end of the routine. It’s fully ungimmicked and truly squeaky clean.

This expertly taught magic download is available individually or can be added to your collection for 70% off as part of the highly-recommended “Yu Huihang Download Bundle

Runtime: 9 minutes 43 seconds

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