2021 The Moment by Andy Nyman – Free Download

On the surface, “The Moment” from Andy Nyman is a stunning matching effect and mind-boggling display of influence that could easily find its way into any magician’s repertoire. However, once you peel back the layers of this routine, you really start to realize how impactful and personal it can be. In fact, the next time you’re asked “why did you become a magician”, there’s no better trick than “The Moment” to answer that question.

You start by introducing two packets of enchanting antique-style circus cards. One has red backs, and the other has blue backs. Additionally, you bring out a separate “magician card.” This is the one card you’ve always been enamored with since you were a child.

The spectator is invited to choose a packet, and the other packet is set aside. You show how all the designs are different before giving the cards a mix. The spectator even then helps you further randomize the cards. Everything feels very fair.

You then reintroduce the other packet. Impossibly, the order of the designs on both packets matches perfectly. As a kicker ending, the “magician card” is turned over to reveal that you knew which packet they would choose from the start.

“The Moment” comes with everything you need to perform. It’s a remarkable trick with even more stunning props. The included antique circus cards truly look like a cherished collectable from years past. You can see a full performance in the second video above.

Andy Nyman is a stellar teacher and walks you through everything you need to know to get the most out of “The Moment”. You’ll learn important performance tips and subtleties that will not only make this effect better, but will ultimately improve all of your magic.

Andy also teaches a BONUS MENTALISM TRICK called “Circus in your Hand” using the same cards. The spectator thinks of one of the designs and you’re able to correctly divine it. It feels like a very direct bit of mind reading and is incredibly fooling.

Here’s the best part, everything is super easy to do. “The Moment” is essentially self-working. It’s a beautiful piece of magic and one of the easiest ways to create a true connection with your audience.

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