2021 Anthem & Aria Penguin Live Online Lecture – Digital Download

What will they teach?

Theory- A truly great Q & A is not made by methods, but by execution. In this section, Anthem and Aria cover the real secrets of Q & A. Including…

What is Q & A

Getting Clear On Why You Want To Do Q & A

The Importance Of Character

Who, What, Where, Why – The Anytime Anywhere Formula

How To Reveal Information

How To Answer Questions

Giving Readings

Avoiding No’s And Covering Misses

Planning An Effective Q & A

Giving Instructions


Methods- In this section, Anthem and Aria cover methods for every scenario. Whether you are performing close-up or on stage and whether you have time to Pre-Show or not. The methods are split into Written methods and Unwritten Methods.

Written Methods

Memory And Cribs

The Sealed Envelope Test

The Pre-Show Q & A

Quantum Q & A – The Modern Ment-O-Flex

Unwritten Methods

What Really Is An Unwritten Q & A?

The Cards Will Tell – The Virtual Q & A

Almost Unwritten – The Stepping Stone To Propless Q & A

Unwritten Q & A

My Systems For Unwritten Q & A

Extra Resources

Using Playing Cards In Q & A And Mentalism

Readings On Stage vs. Close-Up

Reading List For Q & A and Readings

A List Of Almost 300 Real Life Questions From Real People

Billet Art For All Methods Taught In This Class

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