2021 Allan Kronzek Penguin Live Lecture – Free Download

What will he teach?

In this extended teaching session, magician and NY Times bestselling author Allan Zola Kronzek shares seven of his most his most memorable creations, along with the along with the performance philosophy that shaped them. Among the topics explored are “drawing in” versus “freaking out;” the importance of “play,” in the performer/audience dynamic; theatrical versus casual presentations, creating mystery through clarity, and why the best time to perform sleights is when no one is looking. Like Allan’s previous releases through Penguin, this is polished, audience-engaging performance material you will use.

Playing with the Jokers- A lesson in how to quickly disarm a group of strangers who couldn’t care less about magic and turn them into your co-conspirators. It’s a three-phase card routine, yes, but point is not the tricks but engagement that comes from them.

The Mirror- Doubles and doppelgangers inhabit the background of this Do-As-I-Do staging. The method is well known, but the presentation is transformative. A resonate, after-dinner or parlor mystery.

True Romance- A couple is invited to look into each other’s eyes and discover the precise moment when synchronicity, intuition, or some deep, soulful connection allows them to miraculously find each other’s selected cards. The ensuing level of astonishment is as deep as it is gratifying.

Strange Attraction- A perfect amusement for those strolling situations when guests have drinks and snacks in hand. Two spectators peek at random cards. A third, points to any card in the deck, and the selections instantly materialize on either side. It’s a quick “what just happened?” moment, using an easy-to-do and little-known sleight.

Destiny, Chance, and Free Will- Critic Jamy Ian Swiss called this showpiece “A conjuring and theatrical marvel.” A philosophical mystery in which the featured participant shares his or her views on the title topics, leading to a bewildering and unsettling finale. A card location unlike any other.

The Placebo Effect- “Believing is seeing” is the premise of this reimagining of The Knowledgeable Cards, from Card College V. It’s a four-Ace routine with a kicker ending that feels like a hallucination.

Drobina Redone- Allan’s take on Frank Drobina’s coin routine from Bobo’s Coin Magic, minus the clutter and confusion that made many readers pass over this hidden gem. Performed with coins that people actually carry—pennies or dimes—this is the perfect anytime, anywhere, routine for an audience of kids and adults.

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