2020 pounds BANG! by Madison Hagler – Free Download

This chair test has been used to close all of my shows in the past few months. It never fails to elicit a huge reaction and a standing ovation.

What sets this chair test apart from all the others? This chair test was designed with the audience in mind. Too many chair tests are boring to watch and the reveals just don’t live up to the waiting the audience must under go before they get to the reveal.

Not with BANG! Bang is fun from beginning to end. It is filled with funny bits and moments and scripted beautifully to make every moment count. The comedy is clean and 100% family friendly. It ends with three reveals each more amazing than the last. The kicker ending will knock the audience’s socks off and leave them practically begging to jump out of their seats to applaud you.

If you’ve been afraid of chair tests or tried them all but wasn’t satisfied with your results, this could be what you have been waiting for. To help make your decision a bit easier, here are some testimonials.

“BANG is a prime example of how one can take a deceptively simple method and create a unique and memorable performance experience. Multiple reveals presented at a frenetic pace culminate in a surprise ending the audience don’t see coming. The effect quite literally lives up to its name and provides a perfect ending to any show.” — Laurence Hookway

“…it’s not just a chair test, it’s a great finale, and almost a complete show in itself…” — Aaron Alexander

“BANG is very clever in execution, psychology, structuring, method, and presentation. I am sure that magicians and mentalists will find inspiration from this work.” — Alejandro Hinajosa

“I am usually the type that packs small and plays big and this definitely does that! I highly recommend this routine to anyone looking for something that ends in a… well… a BANG!” — Jakob Michaels

“This routine is not only smartly scaffolded and astonishing, but it is quite simply a lot of fun for all. Madison has taken the classic chair test and crafted it into a theatrical instrument that plays not just on the mind of the audience members, but on their childlike eyes and ears. I am going to resist the temptation to use a ‘bang’ pun here, but only buy this if you want a boisterous, joyous noise to fill your ears as you close your show. ” — RW (RedDevil) Cosley

“Bang is definitely a winner. There are many mentalists out there that know a lot of techniques and know a lot of effects, but d*** they are so boring.
Your routine has been beautifully assembled to be not only magical but also entertaining. there are very few mentalists that keep in mind that they are entertainers and that therefore they must entertain an audience and not only display their abilities.

I have not given a quote to anybody in more than 2 years!
As a matter of fact nowadays I give no quotes anymore! Many have asked me for quotes and I have just told them that I give no quotes any more.

… I am VERY (with capital letters) impressed to find a very well organized routine that is spiced with many entertaining elements. ” — Nefesch

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