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Eric Buss Penguin Live Online Lecture

Eric Buss Penguin Live Online Lecture What will he teach? Stuck Up- This is a new topsy turvy glue bottle routine. While demonstrating that glue is best kept in a dark tube, the magician gets more and more confused as the bottle ALWAYS seems to be upright, even after flipping it upside down. Party Popper Prediction- This is a parlor version of one of Eric's popular finales. Based on the old "chair prediction" premise, 3 volunteers are brought to the stage and handed random items.

2021 Allan Kronzek Penguin Live Lecture – Free Download

What will he teach? In this extended teaching session, magician and NY Times bestselling author Allan Zola Kronzek shares seven of his most his most memorable creations, along with the along with the performance philosophy that shaped them. Among the topics explored are "drawing in" versus "freaking out;" the importance of "play," in the

Multiverse by Dr. Cyril Thomas – Free Download

"This is easy to do, super visual, rubber band and card magic you will actually use. No extra rubber bands. No sleeves. No complicated moves. Just a single rubber band and a deck of cards! Get this!" - Josh Burch "I like it! Dr. Cyril Thomas really thinks outside the box!" - Bacon Fire "Among all your creations, this one is really insane!" - Dad You like impromptu, original and ultra-visual revelations? Multiverse is for you! Multiverse is the perfect combination of card and rubber band magic. In this new project, Dr. Cyril Thomas will teach you in depth a multitude of innovative and striking card revelations using a regular deck of card and a regular rubber band. NO GIMMICK INVOLVED and everything is fully examinable. And the best part of it? All these tricks are very easy to learn and to perform and all the setups are overtly done in front of your spectators eyes. Multiverse is not only a set of visual miracles, it is a concept and a tool that you will use to build your own routines. Here is what you will learn in this project : - Unusual suspect : spectators love rising cards effect, and trust me, they will be mad of this insane version. Imagine, a random card rises from the card box and, in the blink of an eye,