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Acaan VS Impossible Location by Joseph B

Acaan VS Impossible Location by Joseph B Two classic themes intertwine in this effect: the impossible location and Any Card at any Number. The magician will first be able to find one of the two cards under impossible conditions and pull it out face down. While the second can be found incredibly at the number nominated by the spectator. An effect that fool even fellow magicians without a doubt.

connected by mark james

connected by mark james In this more than 1-hour download filmed during the “Connected: Live 2021” virtual magic convention, you will step directly into the world of international performer, and regular headliner at the Magic Castle, Chicago Magic Lounge, and House of Cards, Mark James.

REP by Zee Yan

REP by Zee Yans One of the most visual coin magicians in history shares three moves from his private vault that will fry your audiences. Then he’ll teach you to chain them together in a one coin routine that will take your coin magic to the next level. This is REP by Zee.

Jay Sankey – Paperclipped Special Edition

Jay Sankey - Paperclipped Special Edition What You Get And as a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS Jay has included 2 incredible "switchless versions" plus 5 handlings of the folded prediction MAGICALLY APPEARING in the paperclip. Jay even teaches you the two card routines he ALWAYS performs as a lead-up to Paperclipped!

In the Clear by Nicholas Lawrence

In the Clear by Nicholas Lawrence This looks like special effects. Well, it does if you want it to. "In the Clear" is such a perfect switching device that you can do it secretly to switch an item without anyone realizing it, or you can direct everyone's attention to it and perform JAW DROPPING transformations inches away from their eyes.