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Cube FX by Karl Hein & John George

Cube FX by Karl Hein & John George CUBE FX is the most comprehensive instructional video available for learning how to perform amazing magical and mental effects with the most popular toy puzzle of all time. This 3 DVD set combines the learned experiences of both Karl Hein and John George who will clearly teach you their professional Rubik's Cube routines and give you dozens of ideas and effects to play with including: instant cube solves, matching your cube to a cube a spectator mixed, causing one thought of color to solve in the spectator's hands, blindfold solves, prediction effects and smartphone effects.

Non-Toxic by Geraint Clarke

Non-Toxic by Geraint Clarke AS SEEN ON TV. Made Popular by the likes of Dynamo and Ben Hanlin, the smartphone calculator force is THE single greatest trick you can do with a normal mobile phone. (Fate is a strong contender) WORKS WITH ANY NUMBER IN ANY COUNTRY!