• The Haunted Deck PRO by Yim & Carpenter Wong

    Haunted deck is one of the strongest card effects you can do – if you can shuffle the deck freely, spread it, dribble it, then place it down for the astonishing moment.

    Previously, a handling like the one described above will require you to master the subtle art of invisible thread, which is not that easy. You also face the risk of the thread snap during the routine, leaving you in a very awkward position. This can happen to even the best thread handlers in the world.

    To those who love this effect and want a version that allows you to handle the deck with great freedom, and has a mechanically based gimmick part so all you need to do is pressing the button. We present to you:

    Haunted Deck PRO – the thinnest, mechanical haunted deck gimmick!

    This gimmick looks and feels exactly like a half bicycle deck! You can even riffle it! Add another 15 normal cards to it, you will have a “normal” deck that you can handle quite freely.

    A very precise gear reduction motor will do all the work for you. It’s the first time such a prediction-made motor is used in this kind of effect. We can also guarantee this is the most silent, motor-based haunted deck gimmick in the world.

    The remote control is small, easy to carry around, and has a magnetic part.

    This isHaunted Deck PRO – realistic, reliable, with nothing that may break. We have removed all the risky aspect of Haunted Deck, leaving you a strongest card effect.

  •  The LID by Ebby Tones

    This is “The LID”. A visual effect using the tuck on the card box

    With “The LID” you can create multiple amazing effects such as transformation, teleportation, or changes

    No flap
    No magnet
    No thread
    No elastic
    No black art
    No chemical
    Super practical
    Very easy to do with easy handling
    The gimmick is easy to make
    And works with the regular card box you have
    Fully examinable

    The box and cards can be handed out immediately to spectators for examination

    You must have this!!

  • Gambit by Tony Anverdi

    Anverdi’s Gambit is a perfect add-on for Anverdi’s Mental Dice Set.

    Anverdi’s Gambit is 4 beautiful chess pieces (Ebony and Ivory colors) precision-made to hold the Anverdi Dice inside them.

    Also included are 4 professional routines and instructions.

    • Expand your Anverdi’s Mental Dice in entirely new applications.
    • Perfect for ‘Which Hand’ routines and more!
    • Your imagination is the only limitation.


  • Frenetic Shade by Danny Goldsmith
  • Y Wand by MS Magic

    Introducing a brand new color changing wand effect created by magic champion, Mr. Y.

    This very special wand allows you to perform multiple effects:

    • Appearances
    • Vanishes
    • Triple color changes
    • Silk productions

    Mr. Y will teach you 3 routines using the Y wand, starting from beginner level to advanced applications.

    If you are looking for extra flashy visual magic, this is the effect for you.

  • The Line Up by Looch
  • Invisible Soul by Adrian Vega

    Perform an incredibly direct piece of magic with almost no moves, and leave your audience with no explanation. The card the name is the only face-up card in the deck, and it’s a different color than the rest of the deck. Before you move on because you think you have this trick in your drawer, you should know that the rest of the cards are blank. This is Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

    Here’s what happens:

    Invisible Soul starts by introducing a blue card box, that the audience is asked to imagine contains a blue deck. However, the deck that comes out of the box is red. The audience is asked to imagine they are holding the soul of the deck choose half of the deck, and then name any card in that half of the deck. The card they name is the card they choose. For the first time, the magician picks up the deck and spreads through it, revealing only one playing card is facing up, and it is the named card. That card is turned over and revealed to be the only blue card in a red deck. Then, in a stunning kicker, the deck is spread face up, and all of the cards in the deck are blank.

    You will receive a specially gimmicked deck that makes this impossible effect a reality. In addition to the deck, you’ll receive expert instructions from Spanish card expert Adrian Vega. This trick comes ready to go right out of the box and doesn’t require any crazy sleight of hand to perform. The deck does all the work for you. The named card feels like an impossibly free choice that your audience will never be able to backtrack. Let the spirit of the deck give you big reactions with Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

    Invisible Soul is a presentation of an idea originally created by Adrian Gower and released by Alakazam. Special thanks to Alakazam for giving us permission to release our version of Adrian Gower’s original idea.

  • Holy Trap! by Dr. Cyril Thomas

    “Holy trap is so visual and unique. And the method is Fantastic and also the Cross shape makes this routine more impossible. Highly recommended!!!” – Jeki Yoo

    “Next level card and rubber band!” – Xavier Mortimer

    “Damn dude. That looks WILD! Brilliant work man!” – Lloyd Barnes

    “The best “band finds card” effect I’ve ever seen!” – Bacon Fire

    “Holy Trap! This is Great!” – Nicholas Lawrence

    “Dr. Cyril Thomas does it again! Holy Trap, this is good visual!” – Dan Hauss

    “This is insanely visual, it literally looks like CGI!” – Luke Oseland

    After 1 year of intense investigation, Dr. Cyril Thomas has finally found the Holy Grail of rubber band and card magic.
    Just imagine… A spectator selects and signs a card. The card is lost in the middle of the deck and the deck is fully wrapped (vertically and horizontally) with a crossed rubber band. The deck is then hold on both of its corners with the extreme tip of your fingers. Suddenly, with no suspicious move, the crossed band disappears from around the deck and reappears in the middle of it, crossed around the chosen signed card. The visual of this effect looks like CGI and you will be able to enjoy its impact in real life!

    The best part of it? There is no duplicate card, no duplicate rubber band and no gimmick. Only one regular rubber band, a regular deck of card and a regular unique signed card. The mechanic behind this gem is so genius that the method itself will fool you.

    – Holy trap! During the 30 min tutorial, the Dr. will teach you all the subtilities behind this wonderful routine and several alternative handlings

    – Quicky trap! He will also teach you another impromptu setup to make a crossed rubber band disappears in a blink of an eye from almost any rectangular object (mobile phone, deck of card, pack of cigarettes…).

    – Bonus effect : finally, the good Dr. will teach you a bonus ending variation that worth the price of this project. In this effect, the crossed rubber band disappears from around the deck and reappears around the signed card in an impossible way (in a Z shape).

    Don’t miss the best rubber band project from the tortured mind of Dr. Cyril Thomas, and acquire the holy grail of your repertoire!

  • Clase Online por Roberto Mansilla (Clase 4)

    Clase 4.

    Clases Online con efectos explicados en detalle, consejos, aspectos teóricos y reflexiones. La idea es que con cada clase que veas no solo aprendas un truco nuevo y potente, sino que te adentres un poco más de esta disciplina maravillosa.

    En la mayoría de los efectos que enseño “el ingenio prevalece sobre la habilidad de manos” (como dice un maestro), así que no hay nada de qué asustarse. Solo se necesitan ganas y el resto viene solo.

    Como la mayoría son trucos con cartas, para empezar sólo vas a necesitar un mazo y listo.

  • Scott Alexander’s 10th Annual Holiday & Magic Extravaganza (December 2022) by Conjuror Community

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