• Shift – 21 Card Passes by Kris Nevling
  • Ultimate Invisible Palm by JT and Harry G

    Ultimate Invisible Palm created by Harry G is the ultimate version of the classic ‘Invisible Palm‘ plot.

    Magician deals 4 Aces one by one from the deck to the table. After fairly showing the Aces, he puts an Ace on the table. The other 3 Aces magically become invisible in the magician’s palm. Then they magically get visible on the table. The 3 Aces travel from the magician’s hand to the table magically!


    • Easy to perform. Doesn’t require difficult sleight of hand.
    • The routine is so clean and direct. Looks like real magic!
  • Metamorfusion by Anthony Vasquez

    A teabag transposition!

    Effortlessly make tea packets changes place with this awesome gimmick you can make right at home in minutes. Organic every day magic that your audiences will love.

    Download and learn it today!

  • RoboTic by Julio Montoro

    Do you like mentalism? Do you like visual magic? Do you like giving souvenirs to the spectators? Well… Robotic is for you!

    This is what happens:
    The magician introduces a business card from a Toy Shop that he loved when visiting New York. He explains that the Toy Shop had plenty of awesome toys. He says that he is going to perform a magic trick with that business card and one of the toys that he liked the most.

    Now, the spectator thinks in one of the toys and the magician rips the card in different pieces, which are going to be used to restore it with the shape of the thought toy: a robot. That specially shaped card is INSTANTLY given to the spectator as a souvenir.

    You will receive 200 cards that will allow you to perform 100 performances, as well as an organic forcing method that does not use any kind of apps or strange extra-things.

    This is the visual mentalism that you have been waiting for!

    Welcome to Robotic.

  • Tarot Reading For Entertainment by Mark Lewis

    The tarot cards are the most powerful divination tools known to man. For those of you who wish to tap into their power and in addition use it in a streetwise manner this is the DVD for you. Two hours of astonishing insight and detail by one of the world’s leading psychics. It is far removed from the usual cold reading techniques that magicians read about in books on the subject and is indeed a genuine method of divination.

    This DVD is for serious readers only and aimed at those who wish to learn in depth about the mysterious world of ‘The Tarot’. The techniques revealed by Mark Lewis are the result of years of experience.

    Mark has given readings to many thousands of people all over the world and is considered the leading expert in this field. His guidance will help you to do readings in a sympathetic, compassionate and ethical way.

    Tarot cards also required, preferably “The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck”.

    Running Time Approximately: 1hr 57min

  • Prism Plus by Joshua Jay
  • On Edge by Angelo Carbone

    “Beautiful! The best balancing effect I’ve seen!” –Derren Brown

    “The method is so ingenious; it feels magical to me when I am actually doing it. So real and so clever! I genuinely love it!” –John Archer

    “Wow! On Edge is incredible!!! So fooled.” –Andi Gladwin

    “My favorite visual in all of card magic!” –Justin Flom

    “It’s a beautiful thing!” –Noel Qualter

    “Absolutely fascinating and enchanting! A superb achievement!” –Ian Rowland

    “Holy shit! I love this!!!!!!” –Chris Kenner

    “Beautiful, elegant and profoundly baffling, just how great magic should be.” –Paul Kieve

    “Yet more proof of Carbone’s genius.” –Asi Wind

    “Unbelievable!” –Richard Kaufman

    “It’s remarkable! I am baffled! Love it!” –John Guastafaro

    “The first words that come to mind when we perform it is… It’s beautiful!” –Les French Twins

    “Fantastic!” –John Lovick

    “I just witnessed one of the most incredible tricks of my life. So original and creative. Hands down one of my top five tricks of the last decade.” –James Chadier

    “Wow that’s fantastic!” –Rafael

    “It’s a F***ing Miracle!” –Adam Rubin

    “I hate you so much right now!” –Titanas

    “Brilliant! The most logical structure to balance impossibly. As ever a beautiful mind Mr Carbone.” –Marc Spelmann

    “It’s absolutely amazing! I’m fooled.” –Keiron Lefever

    “You’re a genius!” –David Sandy

    “Stunning!” –Brett Barry

    “Absolutely beautiful! The best thing I’ve seen in a long time!” –Jamie Dawes

    “The best balance trick I have seen!” –John Morton

    “Brilliant! Just brilliant!” –Matt Pritchard

    It begins as a simple card castle, but ends with you effortlessly DEFYING GRAVITY! You will rewrite the laws of the universe with Angelo Carbone’s On Edge.

    Here’s what happens: You build a house of cards. You build tension by methodically removing cards, one at a time. Just when you think it’ll come crashing down like pulling the bottom block of a shaky Jenga tower, your house of cards will impossibly teeter on a single point – the laws of gravity momentarily suspended.

    Even as the performer, every instinct within you will scream that this SHOULD NOT be possible. And yet somehow your house of cards will dance on a knife’s edge.

    Under your full control, an effortless touch from you will reignite gravity. The fragile house of cards come cascading down, in a visually stunning finish! A fitting finale to a surreal performance.

    Unmatched features of On Edge:

    • No skill required: “On Edge” is even easier to build than an ordinary house of cards.

    • Any surface becomes your stage: Just use any non-slip surface, and you’re ready to begin defying gravity.

    • Learn it immediately: Begin practicing right out of the box – no setup.

    • Ambidextrous design: Suitable for right or left-handed use.

    • Perform fully surrounded: Mesmerize an audience from all angles.

    Discover a space where your imagination breaks reality – where you’ll find yourself, defiantly standing, On Edge.

  • Spike Teleport System by Pierre Velarde
  • Crazy Farm by Marcos Cruz and Pilato

    Crazy Farm is a fun tablet where you can tell a tangled story about a mischievous penguin who found the wrong place just like the giraffe that lives in a zoo. This peculiar article adapted by Marcos Cruz has a lot of potential for your children’s presentation.

    5 characters in a single silhouette:

    • Black penguin
    • Red penguin
    • Giraffe
    • Goat
    • Chicken
  • Flytrap by Bennie Chickering

    “Even though I use this gaff, it still fools me every time I see it. Bennie is an incredible thinker, and Flytrap further proves it!”
    – Kyle Littleton

    “I love this! It’s just as entertaining as it is fooling! This is another winner!”
    – Nicholas Lawrence

    “Bennie’s Flytraps are delightfully simple. It is amazing how deceptive, versatile, and fun these damn things are. Naturally, highly recommended.”
    – Kyle Purnell

    From Bennie Chickering comes another mind bending visual that you and your audience are bound to love: Flytrap!

    Flytrap is a specially prepared card that can be used in a variety of ways. Primarily, Flytrap cards are used to hide another card, (or a couple of cards), from view until they are needed.

    From visual productions to transpositions and multiplication effects, Flytrap is the “delightfully simple” way to make it all happen using only one gaffed card.

    Easy to use and incredibly satisfying to perform, Flytrap is the perfect gaff card to stash in your everyday deck and use within a moment’s notice. Full routines using only the flytrap gaff and a normal deck of cards are taught, but Flytrap can also be easily integrated into some of your favorite card effects to add that extra “wow” factor to your routines. As an opener, a kicker, a utility, or a standalone effect – Flytrap is extremely versatile, visual, easy to use, and so much fun to perform with.

    Each unit comes with one flytrap gimmick in red Bicycle rider back and a Joker face along with a trading card so it is ready to go right out of the box.

    Note: The Flytrap gimmicks are expertly crafted by Bennie himself and can last you for quite a long time, but please ensure that you watch the instructions prior to first use as the gaff may need to acclimate to your local environment.

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