• Chronoforce by Saad Jennane
  • My Poker Collection by Martin Braessas

    “Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It’s easy, practical, and visual. I rarely perform a packet trick but this is an exception!”
    – Patrick Kun

    From The Mind of Martin Braessas comes My Poker Collection . You show a packet of five 10 of spades and magically one by one start to turn face down. Each card has a different back. But that’s not all… when you show them again now they changed into a Royal Flush!

    You receive a set of custom designed cards to perform this effect plus a gimmicked card that does the hard work for you.

    You can use your own cards if you prefer so. The gimmick will work with any back designed cards you have.

    You can use a table or spectator’s hands, you can do it live, for your virtual shows or upload it to social media!

    Perfect for walkaround, close up and street magic

    In the tutorial you will find different handlings and routines. Also you will learn all the details to perform this effect and the theory behind it that makes it so powerful.

  • Balloon Letters and Numbers by Rob Driscoll
  • Mental Peek by Anthony Cheneau
  • Masterclass Live – Richard Turner

    A magic icon shares some of his best secrets in this epic Masterclass that is required viewing for any serious card magician. Over 4 hours of incredible content from a true legend that you can download and start watching instantly!

    There are certain magicians that, if you ever have the chance to learn directly from them, you can’t afford to pass it up. Richard Turner is one of those magicians and this is your chance. We are still pinching ourselves that he joined us to record a once-in-a-lifetime Masterclass.

    We could spend hours recapping Richard Turner’s illustrious career (it’s so impressive, there is literally a full-length documentary about it called Dealt that is well worth a watch). But, to save you time, we’ll put it in the simplest terms possible. Richard Turner is an expert card mechanic that is, without a doubt, one of the best card handlers in the world—and, some may argue, possibly one of the best ever.

    “One of the finest sleight-of-hand artists to ever live”Penn Jillette

    “He does things with cards that no one in the world can do – no one.”  Dai Vernon

    The secret to his success has largely been driven by his unrivaled ability to tune into the deepest details of card magic that many of us overlook. He shares those insights across two unbelievable 90-minute videos. From novel techniques to full routines, Richard highlights the true secrets to elevating from a good card magician to a great one. He is a joy to watch and learn from.

    Session 1

    This video focuses on false deals, with a particular emphasis on Bottom Deals and Second Deals. Richard will be teaching the real work in a level of detail he has rarely shared anywhere else. 

    Session 2

    In the second session, Richard dives into the exciting world of false shuffles, false cuts, palming and switching. As was the case in the first video, this includes full routines to put your new techniques into action. 


    As a special bonus, you’ll receive a recording of a live Q&A that took place when this Masterclass first aired live. Richard not only clarifies some of the taught material, but adds in some invaluable extra insight.

    Download the “Richard Turner Masterclass” today!

  • Java by Peter Eggink

    Strong, visual magic performed with everyday objects is every magician’s dream. JAVA by Peter Eggink provides an organic, original concept to re-create some well known plots in magic. Your coffee cup is your new secret weapon to blow your spectators away with the most visual effects you can imagine.

    For example: A card is selected by the spectator and a corner of that card is torn off for later verification. The card is placed back inside the pack – next you show your “Coffee to Go” cup and continue by springing all the cards towards the coffee cup… all cards drop on the floor except for one single card… one card – with its corner missing – is now actually trapped behind the cup sleeve and yes – it’s the spectator’s chosen card with matching corner.

    The JAVA gimmick not only limited to cards: Use JAVA to make for example a bill, receipt, photo etc. appear, trapped behind the sleeve or even change a name written on the cup.

    JAVA by Peter Eggink comes complete with cup sleeve, gimmicks and online tutorial. (Use your own paper coffee cups to complete the JAVA gimmick).

  • Total Control by Hiroshi Magic
  • Think Alike by A.K. Dutt

    A blank deck (approx. 40 cards) is spread on the table and a volunteer is asked to select a number between 1 – 40.

    The magician counts the cards and takes out the card at the selected number and places it aside. Then he instructs the volunteer to sign on it.

    Magician inserts the signed card somewhere in the middle of the deck as selected by the volunteer.

    When the deck is turned over and spread on the table, only one card is found with a “?” mark printed on it.

    On turning it over, it was found that the volunteer has signed on the back of that card only.

    Magician then tells the volunteer that it happens only if both THINK ALIKE and not otherwise.

    The special deck contains 40 laminated bridge size cards. Use your own whiteboard marker.

    No need of re-fills as you can repeatedly use the cards as they are laminated.

  • Murder At The Royal Court by Sam Mills
  • Impossible Bottle Secret Vol 2 by Mago Vituco

    “Tiger Woods will not get the ball in, you will”
    – Roman Garcia

    “A brilliant idea open to a field of possibilities!”
    – Hector Mancha

    In this version you will learn to put a ping pong ball in a bottle and a tennis ball in a bottle.

    two differents methods to create Impossible Bottles.

    An impossible bottle is a bottle containing an object that does not appear to fit through the bottle’s mouth.

    But the novelty of this product is that for the first time it will be possible to acquire the secret of how to put the balls into the bottles. (video link with explanation)

    Without alteration of the glass.

    Today you will learn two simple but powerful secrets so you can create and use your impossible bottles.

    The mouth of the jar is too small to fit the balls through.


    ***video link is an explanation of the method to insert the tennis ball and ping pong ball into the bottle without altering the bottles.


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