Assemble by Big Blind Media

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - ASSEMBLE! Four Queens are (REALLY) dealt onto the table - and impossibly assemble together! This super clean assembly routine is the end result of year's of tinkering from the Montinator. He was determined to create an assembly that started with the four of kind really being dealt down - the exact opposite of almost every other version of this plot.

Killer Card Magic 2023 (Extended Edition) by Paul Gordon

NEW for 2023 - Instant Download Edition of Killer Card Magic (plus added content) 135 minutes. 25 of Paul's very best routines fully taught. Watch and learn NOW! Including Killer Mystery Card, Cheeky Acaan, Head To Head Poker, Shocked Aces, Easy Ace Estimation, Knock Em Dead, Swing Aces, Diminishing Not Likely, Twister, Hellman's Aces,

Close-up Magic by Rocco Silano

Rocco Silano – Advanced Four Coins and Four Cards Matrix (Using Back Palm and Classic Palm) Rocco Silano – Coin Vanish Using Finger Palm Rocco Silano – Dime Into Two Nickels Rocco Silano – Flying Eagle Routine (Six Coins Across…

Flip by Bachi Ortiz

An impossible and novel, visual revelation! You place a beer cap on a spectator's palm, and then they pick a card. After showing the cap on both sides, you place the cap on the card. Now give with touch the cap with your finger

The Zombie Book by Twister Magic

From the Creative Twister Team comes an innovative Children's Magic Routine! Luis Zavaleta, Professor Otto and George Iglesias teamed up to develop a new magic trick. Indeed, it is much more that a single trick, it is a solid children's magic routine that will entertain kids and adults as well! This is a trick you can do anytime during the year. It's about a family photo album that will come to life and transform into scary zombies who will eventually disappear and jump onto the magician's back!