In Your Face Coin Bend by Oscar Melend – Free Download

This is a very practical coin bending routine for the real world performer. Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on expensive gimmicks, filling once again your pockets with very weird and hard to handle stuff, and still not being able to perform a visual coin bend. This is a super simple and practical approach to it. Very low budget, but still highly visual and straight forward. Great reactions guaranteed.

Loki Kros-Fax 1-2 – Free Download

SPECIAL BONUS 1: Order FAX TODAY and receive the "El Gato" download: A 007 gadget that will take your FAX skills to the next level and will turn FAX into a killer Quantum Effect.

Happy Travels by Rick Lax – Free Download

Really easy to do, really hard to figure out. You’ll be fooling people with Happy Travels in no time. The plot is simple…but the method is diabolical. Here’s how it looks: You remove the deck from the box and show that every card is different. Then you return half the deck to the box.