PhotographiCARDS by Joseph B

PhotographiCARDS by Joseph B Note: If you don't have the gaff card, Joseph will show you how to do the same routine with a regular Jocker. PhotographiCARDS is an amazing effect ! Really visual and very powerful! An effect with many twists that will leave the spectator literally speechless!

Think Only One by Joseph B

Think Only One by Joseph B A Killer mentalism routine, an impossible surprising ending that will leave the spectator speechless. A really powerful mentalism routine! The spectator names any card in the deck, he has free choice. The magician clearly opens the card box and takes out a completely blank deck,

Acaan VS Impossible Location by Joseph B

Acaan VS Impossible Location by Joseph B Two classic themes intertwine in this effect: the impossible location and Any Card at any Number. The magician will first be able to find one of the two cards under impossible conditions and pull it out face down. While the second can be found incredibly at the number nominated by the spectator. An effect that fool even fellow magicians without a doubt.

Vaporizer by Joseph B

Vaporizer by Joseph B A great Packet Trick with a climax of surprises! A change after another. Really Visual! Absolutely a Magician Fooler! Enjoy the full performace! Additional supplies may need in order to perform this effect.

Ten To Zero by Joseph B

Ten To Zero by Joseph B In this effect, somewhat different from those that Joseph B usually publishes, ten cards invisibly pass from the magician's hands into his pockets. A classic effect with a sneaky method that will surprise even fellow magicians. Really visual and fun for spectators. Any Deck!

One Hand Card At Number by Joseph B

One Hand Card At Number by Joseph B This effect is undoubtedly a MAGICIAN FOOLER! The method is really sneaky! The magician will be able to cut three cards into the deck that reveal the exact position of the spectator's card! Conditions are really impossible! A miracle ! Joseph always got great reactions from this amazing effect! Always a different number