Magic For The Shortsighted by Pipo Villanueva

hortsighted by Pipo Villanueva – Free Download The video includes six Close-Up magic routines from Pipo Villanueva’s professional repertoire. • Coins to the Mug • The Quantum Monkey • The Atomic Coin • Cutting 3 Aces • Reset 180º • MiniCup & Balls

Open Triumph by Garret Thomas

Open Triumph by Garret Thomas – Free Download A new video release of Dani Daortiz, in one video he talks about technique, ideas, subtleties and all the theory about one of his most representative tricks. Content Introduction to the effect, story and origin ("The Tamariz challenge")

Unboattled by Ruben Hernando

Unboattled by Ruben Hernando – Free Download What is Unboattled about? A paper boat trapped inside a drawing of a bottle is released and materialized in the spectator’s hand. This is all thanks to the power of imagination. Unboattled is a visual and organic piece for close up magic.

Selenium Shift by Chris Severson

Selenium Shift by Chris Severson – Free Download The Selenium Shift is a move that Justin Miller has called "The BEST control he's (I've) ever seen!" A move allowing you to control a selected card, anywhere in the deck, to the top. This shift can also move multiple cards, at different depths in the deck, to the top in a blink of an eye. No breaks. No passes. No disturbing the deck order. It's silent, invisible and oh ya... it's all done one handed.

SandSwitch by Lloyd Barnes

SandSwitch by Lloyd Barnes – Free Download The SandSwitch is a powerful and organic sleight that allows you to switch any sandwiched playing card in a way that looks so natural, you'll even fool yourself. This is how card switches should look. In this video download, Lloyd teaches you in intricate detail the exact mechanics and nuances that make the SandSwitch work. Along with extra tips and ideas for more effects.

Deranged by Jay Sankey

Deranged by Jay Sankey – Free Download Eight pieces of a cut postcard (featuring Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa') are handed out to be closely examined. A spectator selects one of the pieces. And a folded prediction is introduced.