Whitewash by Rick Lax

After years of absence, the #1 MOST OPTICALLY STUNNING DECK TRANSFORMATION is back in stock, and better than ever. A full deck of red Bicycle plays cards INSTANTLY MUTATES in the incredible, visually jarring way imaginable.

The cards’ backs and faces turn stark white—every last one of them. And after the change, you can show the deck in the fairest way possible.

WhiteWash is Rick Lax’s personal (until-now secret) handling of the classic Mental Photography deck. Lax hasn’t just COMPLETELY CHANGED THE EFFECT, IN THE MIND OF THE SPECTATOR, he’s put together TEN NEW IDEAS that feature the WhiteWash deck. And when you purchase WhiteWash, you’re going to learn all of them, for free, by Instant Download.

Here’s a brief tour of what you’ll learn in the 50-minute information-packed download:

1) Mental Photography: The TRADITIONAL Presentation

2) WhiteWash: Rick’s UPDATED, ‘reverse-Mental Photography’ presentation.

3) The Cut Transformation: The EASIEST way to transform the cards blank. Looks like fancy sleight-of-hand, but it’s actually self-working. (This is the change featured at the start of the WhiteWash trailer.)

4) The Rotating Transformation: The cards TRANSFORM from printed to blank AS YOU ROTATE THE DECK in your hands. Uses a little sleight-of-hand, but it’s worth it. Note: This transformation uses a very similar sleight to the previously-published utility sleight “Clip Spin Change” by Mike Hankins.

5) The Flap Transformation: FOR ADVANCED CARD MECHANICS ONLY. This might be the most visual way to change the deck, and you can only perform it in certain situations…but if you’ve got the skills and the right environment, it’s KILLER.

6) The Six Pile Selection: After cleanly displaying the cards, you cut the deck into six piles. The spectator eliminates five of them, and after she does, the card atop the remaining pile is THE ONLY CARD IN THE DECK. It’s a FAIR AND FREE MENTAL MARVEL…with a super-visual kicker.

7) The Spectator Cuts: It’s similar to the last trick, only this time, THE SPECTATOR CUTS THE CARDS. Rick will teach you how to handle the cads in such a way that the spectator freely handles the deck, yet has no idea whatsoever that the deck is gimmicked.

8) Multiple Selections: If you’re performing for more than one person and you want to get them all in on the action, this is the way to do it: SEVERAL SPECTATORS select cards, and after they do, the rest of the cards vanish. This trick can be done at the table or in walk-around situations.

9) The Signed Card: Here, Rick will teach you how to incorporated a chosen, SIGNED playing card into your WhiteWash presentation. You’ll leave your spectators with an amazing souvenir, and you won’t destroy your deck in the process.

10) Two-Card MP: This is Rick’s version of the traditional Mental Photography plot that uses only two cards. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT.

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