Twisted Triumph by Makoto Halverson

“It’s the only Triumph I’d actually do” — Tyler Rabbit “Coin Magic Underground”

“That was great! Got me” — Eric Evans “Secret Art of Magic”

The magician cuts the pack in two and turns one half face up. They shuffle the cards ‘face to face’ and push them in half their length. Gripping the face up half with one hand and the face down half with the other, the Magician twists the pack, and the cards are now all face down!

Impromptu, adaptable, visual, and fun! The first Triumph where there is a visible, physical (but still magical!) cause for the effect. Perfect for strolling, street magic, or casual sharing of astonishment. I’ve taught this to friends who’ve used it in strolling gigs and got good reactions with it. I hope you’ll join us in performing Twisted Triumph.

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