Simpatico by Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood’s simpatico is one of the cleverest, most devious (not to mention hilarious!) routines we’ve ever seen. Brian, who’s successfully used and audience-tested this routine for years, has graciously decided to unleash simpatico on the magic fraternity.

Two volunteers (freely & randomly selected) are invited onstage to participate in an ESP experiment. One of the volunteers will be designated the “Sender,” the other the “Receiver,” and both are situated in front of an oversized drawing pad and provided markers.

The ESP “Receiver” is blindfolded and (just for good measure), placed inside an impromptu “Isolation Booth,” which is actually just an ordinary old cardboard box with the words, “ISOLATION BOOTH” scrawled upon it. (Already your audience is sensing you’re having fun with them!) The “Sender” selects a theme from a stack of jumbo cards which feature topics like “Travel,” “Sports,” “Holidays,” and a random sampling of other topics seen only by the “Sender.” Then, the “Sender” thinks of an image that corresponds to the topic on the selected card. The “Sender” then begins to draw the image on their pad, which is facing away from the audience and performer.

Amazingly, the “Receiver” suddenly indicates that he has gotten a psychic communication, and begins drawing on his pad. The audience cracks up as “Receiver’s” ridiculous, meaningless drawing takes shape. Their laughter, however, instantly turns to gasps of amazement as the “Sender’s” pad is finally turned around, and the image is revealed to be the very thing the “Receiver” drew! At this point, your volunteers are congratulated for being so psychically sensitive, and as a “special” thank you, your “Receiver” gets to keep his Isolation Booth as a souvenir!

simpatico uses no switches, no sleight-of-hand, no audience plants or collaborators, no pre-show work or prompting �“�“ any two volunteers from your audience can be used! simpatico is 100% great comedy mentalism with loads of audience participation, interaction, and tons of laughs!

simpatico comes complete with everything you need to perform, including blindfold, “Isolation Booth” box, 2 oversized drawing pads, 2 felt-tip markers, jumbo deck of theme cards, manuscript featuring Brian’s routine and handling, performance video, and that special something that allows all the magic to happen!

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