Scott Alexander Penguin Live Online Lecture 3 – Digital Download

What will he teach?

Sugar RushScott’s funny routine for the classic salt pour with a gimmick you can make super cheap. Shoe Business 2Scott performs and explains his latest release. Egg BagScott performs and walks you through his handling of the Egg Bag with his Sure Shot ending. Wakeling Liquid SandsScott performs and explains the Alan Wakening Liquid Sands in a fun and novel way with a few tips and additions he incorporates. Super FlyScott performs and teaches his popular Super Fly Cards Across. 10 Minutes of comedy with very minimal props. Further work on ShatteredScott tips more work on his Shattered routine, including how to load the bags right in front of the audience. The American SticksScott performs his version of the Chinese Sticks and talks about why it is such a great trick. He has some tips from Roy Benson and Charlie Miller and a few touches of his own. Epic DeckScott talks about his collaboration with Penguin and shows you some handling with this new gaffed deck that laymen loose their minds over. The Missing Link Speed VersionScott tips some of the inside work on his diabolical Himber Ring Routine – The Missing Link. This is a version you can do with most any standard ring. The Ghost House IllusionFor budding illusionists, Scott shows us an illusion you can build for only a few bucks but plays big on stage and is quite versatile.

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