Rotating Credit by Ryan Schlutz

Rotating Credit by Ryan Schlutz – Free Download

Ryan Schlutz does this trick EVERYWHERE, and you will too. It’s an UNBELIEVABLE prediction, using BORROWED credit cards and drivers licenses!

1. The predictions are killer. And they get more specific with each prediction. Prepare to be punched, or in the very least told to “GET OUT!!!!” It’s unreal.

2. After BORROWING a bunch of credit cards and drivers licenses, your spectator mixes them up. NOW the fun begins.

3. As they read the predictions YOU TEXTED THEM BEFORE THE TRICK EVEN STARTED, their eyes get bigger and bigger as each prediction is more specific than the last!

* Easy to do
* Uses borrowed objects!
* Perfect for networking, since you end up exchanging phone numbers.
* Multiple predictions, each one building.
* Everything totally examinable.

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