Live at Houdini’s by Etienne Pradier

Etienne Pradier’s new DVD consists of 14 close-up effects.

Included for the first time are his famous Pablo Aces, crazy card tricks, a commercial rope routine, unbelievable disappearing coins, and a sensational effect using a spectator’s watch!

The varied mix of tricks were filmed live at the Houdini bar, Broadstairs, Kent, and are followed by a detailed explanation in the studio.

For the finale, don’t miss the extras, including bonus tricks.

“Etienne Pradier is just as amazingly talented as he is funny!”
– Eric Jones

“A new DVD is always a big event and always worth the wait – I love his magic!”
– Eric Leblon

“I’ve traveled the world performing alongside Etienne for 20 years. These tricks are truly fantastic… but his feet bloody stink!!”
– Paul Martin

Trick List

– Card Under Pen
– Rope Routine
– Pen Sandwich
– In My Wallet?
– Memory with a Twist
– ESP Aces
– Coin Voyage
– Watch Coincidence
– Pablo Aces
– Magic Castle
– Best of 4
– PDQ Change
– Cosack Pen
– Marriage

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