Invicible Fooler by Joseph B

Invicible Fooler by Joseph B

This is a Supreme Magician Fooler. A perfect new weapon to add to your repertoire

This time we are undoubtedly facing a very powerful effect. The method used is just plain crazy and insane! The secret was kept secret and underground by Joseph B. for years.
The method is something never seen before in these conditions! You have a miracle in your hands!
Invincible fooler is more than just a Magician Fooler, this is the perfect one Impossible Location! Certainly It will fool lay people and even the top card magician. You can use it
when you want to hit your spectator really hard!
It is done with a borrowed shuffled deck

NO Marked cards
NO Glue
NO Chapstick or lipstick
NO Tape
NO Wax
NO One way
NO Short Cards

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