Inception by Chris Randall – Free Download

What will he teach?

7 Digits
The greatest trick ever to get a girl’s phone number!

A simple and natural deck switch

Scandal Switch
The ultimate solution for your linking ring routine. Only two rings are used and both are examined. This is the center piece of Chris’ award winning act. If you hate the rings then you will love this and if you love the rings then you will be in Heaven.

Heavens Aces
4 jokers are produced at the finger tips and then instantly change to 4 aces in a very visual way.

The Inception
The history of the Bill in Lemon from Jarrow to Chris.

He’ll also teach

  • His bill switch
  • Chris’ rope routine and all the elements that make up The Inception.
  • A lesson in time delay and a new way of using concepts taught in The Inception which has been hailed as the real work on bill in lemon.

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