Geocache by Sudo Nimh

“It is VERY rare to improve a well-known effect – especially a classic like “Name and Place”. You not only gave a reason to the full routine, but you have also created the perfect choreography that justifies every single move in the routine. This for me is the best improvement of a classic idea that I have read in a long time!” – Luca Volpe

Imagine this: One person thinks of any object they wish. Another thinks of any location in the world to hide that object. You then reveal precisely what the item is and where in the world it is hidden!

Geocache is Sudo’s work on the late Bob Cassidy’s signature effect and classic of modern Mentalism, A Name and a Place. The presentation revolves around Geocaching – modern day treasure hunting which uses GPS technology and a hobby for thousands of people all over the world. This provides a logical and motivated framework: an audience member hides any object they wish into a ‘mental geocache box’, and another then hides that box anywhere in the world using only their imaginations. You locate the imaginary ‘geocache’ and reveal what’s inside using only the powers of your mind!

Geocache uses an entirely brand-new method that’s never been seen before to accomplish the task. The method used is so simple – but extremely effective, and eliminates the inherent issues many performers weren’t happy with in the original routine. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you discover the secret.

Beyond the engaging and entertaining premise, Geocache possesses these features:

* No switches.
* No ‘dummy’ or extra billets.
* In fact, NO folded billets at all!
* Nothing concealed in your hands at any time.
* Hands are virtually empty throughout the entire routine.
* Zero gimmicks. The method is 100% organic in nature.
* No tears of any kind.
* No pocket play. You don’t ever go to your pockets.
* No need for you to write on slips at all.
* Consistent handling used throughout.
* 100% deceptive. It’s nearly impossible to screw up.
* Simple, effective method that allows you to focus on the presentation.
* Perfect for television as there is nothing to catch on camera.
* Completely self-contained.

And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also learn Sudo’s fantastic Bandit Peek. This peek has fooled even very well-versed Mentalists and Mystery Performers who’ve seen it and is a thing of real beauty that has numerous applications.

A few comments about the Bandit Peek itself:

“Okay, WOW!!! This is something to have in your arsenal. This is the kind of thinking that makes my day. It is simple to do, casual in appearance, yet gets you so far ahead of the game that it’s insane. I agree with what others have said: This could easily have been sold as a stand alone idea and no one would complain. Great job, Sudo… as always.” – Greg Arce

“I can say that the peek flew right by me. I did not see anything amiss, and I am quite used to spotting these things. So congratulations to Sudo on this very, very deceptive full card peek.” – Elliott Bresler

“This thing is devilishly clever.” – Tom Phoenix

“I have to say this is an incredibly simple, deceptive and elegant way to peek at a billet. Really, really well done Sudo.” – Ever Elizalde

“Sudo’s Bandit Peek is a thing of devastating beauty. Extremely clean, puts you way ahead, and a joy to perform. This peek allows the operator to focus fully on presentation. I’m sure we’ve all seen many effects that are not nearly as good as the Bandit Peek being sold over the years.” – Doug James

Here’s what others have had to say about Geocache:

“This is the cleanest take on Bob Cassidy’s “Name and Place” you will ever see. It is absolutely perfect. Not one aspect or phase is not justified and you may even have the simple props in your home already. If not, it will cost you under $10 to get them. At $45 this is an absolute steal. If I had to use one effect to define “a no-brainer buy”, this is it.” – Preston Heller

“I have never done the Cassidy “Name and Place”, preferring instead his “3 Envelope Test”. This excellent variation has likely changed my mind. Seldom have I ever seen method and presentation coexist so perfectly. And very easy to do as well.” – JD Roberts

“It gets said far too often but this is really a game changer. Bob’s classic routine has been tweaked and massaged to the point of perfection. All of the issues I and many others had before are now gone. Geocache is truly a thing of beauty. Everything now makes sense. No fumbling, no papers in hand, just pure mind-reading. This is a worker and you will want to perform it immediately. And you can. The price is a small investment in what could easily be your signature routine. It is one of the most brilliant pieces of mentalism in years.” – Dale Curwin

“As a full-time, working professional psychic entertainer, I am very picky about the effects that I perform. Just because I like something doesn’t necessarily mean it fits my persona or the theme of my performances. Both my home and storage unit are filled with countless books, videos, and props that have failed to find a place in my repertoire.

However, Geocache is going right into my show!

I have always been a fan of Cassidy’s “Name/Place” routine, and have performed it on numerous occasions. Every single time I performed it, I felt it was clunky and that I had to fumble to do the work. I realize that much of that may just be me, but I never really felt comfortable performing the routine.

Then along comes Geocache. First off, the presentational angle is right up my alley. As an avid geocacher, I was instantly hooked.

Second, the handling is smooth and eliminates all of the fumbling I had to do in the original Cassidy presentation.

Third, it’s just … well … fun! This routine just makes me giggle inside every single time I perform it.

Simply put, I just love it. It’s one of those things that I wish I had exclusive rights to.

Is it for everyone? No. But, nothing is.

Is it a practical, updated handling of a classic that belongs in a working professional’s repertoire? Absolutely!” – James Scott

Geocache comes complete with a pdf, a video tutorial for the Bandit Peek, and an additional bonus video: A Facebook Live “teach-in” recording Sudo gave some time ago where he not only covers the peek in even greater detail, but also explains a few subtleties and extra utilities such as the classic Gypsy Switch.

If you’re a looking for an exceptionally strong piece of Mentalism to add to your show and learn a fantastic utility peek at the same time, Geocache is a guaranteed winner.

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