Gene Maze and Meir Yedid – Catch Me and Win

Gene Maze’s “Catch Me & Win” brilliantly combines a classic “Fast & Loose” (or Endless Chain) style effect with the infamous Three Shell Game and Three Card Monte scams to create a remarkably engaging gambling routine that makes sense and can be easily experienced in both a close-up magic environment and larger parlor magic scenario.

This amazing effect is so much more than a simple street con and has been in the working repertoire of professional magicians for more than three decades.

It’s core concept is beautifully simple. You introduce a stand with three pegs and then wrap a solid chain around all of them, explaining how when the chain is finally pulled, one peg will always

catch. To win the game, all the spectator has to do is correctly guess which peg the chain will get caught on.

It seems like an easy task. Yet, no matter how hard they try, they’ll never choose the right peg—even when you make it easier by giving them hints or even removing a peg.

That’s because, with “Catch Me & Win”, you are always in total control of which peg the chain will catch on. It’s super easy to perform and allows you to choose who wins or loses at any point. This means you can present it in a variety of ways from you always winning to the spectator always winning or even a scenario where a child always gets one up on their parent.

Each set comes with everything you need to perform:

  • Gorgeous and sturdy PVC base and felt legs (4.75in x 6.5in x .75in)
  • Three steel pegs
  • A Gold Aluminum Chain
  • Instructional video

The included instructional video features Harry Lorayne teaching Gene’s original routine, as well as Meir Yedid showcasing his streamlined version that is direct, logical and removes the need for any difficult sleight of hand or memory work.

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