Further Than Ever by Giobbi Roberto – Free Download

“Giobbi is a true connoisseur” –Lennart Green

“A standing-ovation MACHINE.”

Just when you think it’s over, it gets better. Again. AND AGAIN.

Roberto Giobbi is THE card magic expert. He didn’t just “write the book”, he wrote the whole darn encyclopedia (Card College). So when HE thinks a trick is great, you better believe he knows what he’s talking about!


* mind-reading
* Finding a card at any number
* poker demonstration
* 4 ace production

And the best part??

The way the routine is designed, you end up convincing everyone in the room that you are, WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best card magician in the world.

PROFESSIONALS: Further than EVER is an ENTIRE SHOW in one trick. It’s easy to learn, which means the biggest challenge you’ll have is trying to figure out what to follow it up with! It’s a KNOCK-OUT. Actually, it’s more like a knock-out that picks you back up after, then knocks you out 4 more times.

If I ever HAD to be a one-trick pony, this would be that trick.

Acar Altinsel
born to perform.

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