Drew Backenstoss Penguin Live ACT – Digital Download

What will he teach?

A 45 minute stand-up mentalism act. Drew will walk us through a version of the show he’s currently using – a show that has stunned audiences around the country for the last four years. While this act was designed for corporate audiences numbering as high as 900 in attendance, he’s also performed it numerous times for universities and even at house parties with no more than 20 guests. The act is extremely scale-able, versatile, and travel-friendly.

Although he’ll teach the majority of methods in play, the real focus of this lecture is the structure behind the act itself. This will be a masterclass on concepts such as establishing your theme, designing your character, creating “flow” though call-backs, layering methods, and strategies to build the impact and pacing of your show. He will also share his 10 Step Process for Designing an Act; his technique to encourage standing ovations; and a few business tips that will help you earn more from your existing gigs.

Highlights of the act include…

KISSing PINs- Drew’s super simple but extremely effective solution to ethically revealing someone’s PIN. The audience will be convinced that the onstage participant freely makes up a random PIN in real-time (even changing his mind in the process) yet you reveal the four digits in increasingly impressive ways that demonstrate the basic techniques of mind reading. There is no pre-show, stooging, math, electronics or peeks. The combination of classic methods is guaranteed to make you smile.

Obviously Influenced– A two-envelope “bank night” routine that makes everyone who didn’t play wish they had! It also functions as a running thread throughout the show and provides one of the climaxes to the act. A number of subtleties result in an extremely realistic display of your mastery over human behavior. Drew employs very different methods from those typically used for this plot. Careful scripting and clever routining make this 100% sure-fire, completely hands-off, and gimmick free.

Omni-test- This is an entire 10-15 minute act on its own but it also forms the backbone of the larger set and paves the way for the show’s finale. This sequence blends together a number of classic principles, engages several members of the audience, and produces an avalanche of interesting, varied, and visual revelations. If you think book tests are “outdated” or “unconvincing” this might change your mind.

The Ultimate Trust Exercise (PERFORMANCE ONLY)- One of Drew’s signature pieces. A Russian roulette with a purpose. This goes far beyond merely avoiding bodily harm and culminates in four inexplicable moments of mind reading. He’s not at liberty to divulge everything, but you’re certain to be inspired by what he does tip – along with the overall thinking that went into this.

Solo-fab- Drew’s take on confabulation designed with the solo performer in mind. There’s no secret writing or assistants and the predictions are visible to everyone even in larger venues. If you’ve always wanted to achieve a similar impact to the “Master Prediction System” without the associated cost, legwork, or limitations than look no further!

BONUS #1 – With your purchase you’ll receive the full lecture notes used by Drew and Dan during the filming. This document is intended to be a companion guide to the video content and contains even more details on the concepts discussed. DON’T PASS IT UP!

BONUS #2 – Following the lecture’s filming Drew asked Marc Paul to review over the footage and provide feedback on the performance. The hour long Skype conversation that ensued captured a variety of insights from Marc’s vast professional experience. The topics covered include: tips on stagecraft, troubleshooting some of the techniques used in the act; and a discussion on general performance theory. A recording of this Skype call is provided as a separate file on the download page. THIS IS A MINI-LECTURE ALL ON ITS OWN!

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