Distancia by Les French Twins

Distancia by Les French Twins

Real Power
Over 2 years in development, Distancia was built from scratch to give you real power at your command. Make a coin stand up and TURN OVER on its own in the spectator’s hands – while a glass is covering all sides. Have a deck of cards PHYSICALLY cut to a selected card on the table all by itself; and so much more.

Distancia was engineered from scratch with ultra-premium materials. It’s more powerful, more durable, and more effective than anything else on the market.

Endless Possibilities
Over 15 routines and ideas using the Distancia device are included in the instructional video by The French Twins, but this only scratches the surface with what is possible. The miracles you will be able to perform with this device are limited only by your imagination, and will make you feel like you have the powers of a superhero.

Distancia is available in TWO versions: one including a special, gimmicked USA coin – and the other a special, gimmicked Euro coin for international use.

WARNING: Distancia is not a toy and is intended for adults only – it is a device that possesses an incredibly strong magnetic field. Please keep the device at least 2 feet away from any electronics, phones, watches, credit cards, or people that have sensitivity to magnetic fields.

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