Curtis Kam Penguin Live Online Lecture – Digital Download

What did he teach?

Curtis Kam presented a lecture specifically created for this event, designed to deliver the two things you want from the Big Kahuna of the secret tribe of coin warriors; equal parts of Inspiration & Information.

For inspiration, he performs classics from his nearly famous Coin Act including The Goblet, Coercive Purse 2.0, and Six Cylinder.

Also, he performs and teaches:

Hang Loose Coins: The “slack key” fingering for David Roth’s famous Hanging Coins that just about anyone can do. All you need is two hands and the ability to lie with them. Because the method is based on a twisted application of finger palm, the angles are no sweat.

Kamnibal Cards: Thirty years ago, Curtis discovered a sure-fire killer closer for any close up set, living deep within every deck of cards. This major upgrade of the Cannibal Cards is funny and surprising, all wrapped up in a deep and satisfying mystery.

Reach: Extending the grasp of the Bob Farmer/Derek Dingle trick you know as the “Little Hand”, Curtis makes the creepy, funny effect happen on the spectator’s hand. Or, if you want, the little hand can reach out of your phone.

XSPELL: Most versions of Dai Vernon’s Spellbound don’t have an ending, they just stop. This one builds to a strong and definite climax that has stunned even the experienced coin masters at the European Coin Symposium. Warning—the price for getting this one right is practice, but it’s a solid example of what you get when your finger palm goes up to eleven.

QUARTERMASTER: This is the effect that we all should have started with, but didn’t. We would have learned how to manipulate spectators, rather than coins. Curtis will teach the professional routine he uses for strolling and corporate gigs as well as the refined handling designed for social impromptu settings. The pro handling is modular and scalable, allowing you to build to any of three different endings, or all three.

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